It's true...

This Step-By-Step Business Blueprint Will Get You Your First Client in Less Than 30 Days

(Or You Don't Pay)

*If you don't sign your FIRST client in 30 days, you'll get a full refund PLUS $100 for wasting your time...

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You have spent weeks searching for the perfect way to make money online 

You have tried (and failed) almost every business model under the sun

And you’re right on the edge of giving up... but decided to give it one last shot

Well, you’re in the right place.

Today, I am not only going to share the “forgotten business model” with you...

(Which is making beginners thousands per month.)

But I am also going to shift your perspectives and tell you exactly why you aren’t successful...yet.

The $19,374.29 Lesson

Ever since I was 17, I’ve had 1 goal, 

Make as much money as humanly possible.

Trust me…I’ve tried almost everything…

  • Youtube

  • Crypto

  • Dropshipping

  • Graphic design

  • Day Trading

  • NFTs

  • Amazon FBA

  • Door-to-door sales

And anything else you can think of.

I spent close to $20,000…with nothing to show for it.

I was ready to quit.

The thoughts kept racing through my mind…

“What do these influencers know that I don’t?”

“What if I never make this work and I have to go back to my 9-5??”

“What if this is all fake?!”

“What if I stay a broke loser forever?!!”

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was standing before a mountain of success…

The Discovery that made me $36.3k in one month

I opened my door, threw myself on my bed...

And pulled out my phone to distract myself from the fact that I was still broke

(with $16 to my name)

I scrolled on YouTube for a couple minutes before finding a video that I could play in the background.

It was Tai Lopez, talking about another business model.

I had my eyes closed and wasn't

really paying attention.

Until I heard him say something that caught me a little off guard...

He mentioned that he was testing a new model. 

And that someone already paid him $150,000 just to make their website more efficient...

How could that be possible?

I couldn’t fathom how he could make that much money testing

a business.

He dropped the name:

website funnel agency”.

My eyes & ears were practically glued to the screen as he talked.

And as I studied more about the business model, I realized...

It's the Simplest Thing on The Planet...

So I dove into even more courses, books, and anything else I could get my hands on.

And it all fell together like the perfect puzzle.

I knew, if I became the best, I would make more money than anyone else.

So I came up with a plan:

1) Land my first client 

2) Get them INSANE results

3) Sign even more clients for more

4) Hit $10k/mo in remote income

And here’s what happened just 19 days later:

Finally, after a full year of pain and struggle...I did it.

I signed my first client and made $1,500 CASH

Then, as time went on, I signed more...and more.

I was working like a dog,

But the money kept fueling me to go even harder.

And fast forward two years...

here's what happened:


But I didn’t just stop there.

I took my knowledge and started teaching others how to do the same thing.

The Results Were Unbelievable...

River Robinson: $1,500 FIRST CLIENT

River spent $5,000 on an appointment-setting agency and was horribly scammed. He turned to Alex, learned cold calling, and found an incredible service. Within 21 days, he closed a $1,500 first client.

Charlie D'Elia: $3,000 First Client

Charlie was heavily on the fence about the agency game, wondering who to trust. Within 30 minutes, he sent Alex $1,500 and turned it into $3,000 with his first client

Derreon: $800 First Client

Alex was at the gym, hearing how nervous Derreon was, sending Alex hundreds of dollars for coaching when they never met. He signed 2 clients, in less than 72 hours after becoming a student.

Lucas Thomas: $750 First Client Win

Lucas is one of the youngest students in my group, and I remember how skeptical he was walking into this program. I had 3 calls with him before he finally pulled the trigger on The First Client 1 on 1. He crushed it though.

Parker Hardison: $2,000 in Clients

Parker thought building an Iman Gadzhi, arbitrage Facebook ad agency was the go-to way. After getting fact-checked by Alex, he started using this system and has signed $2,000 to date. PLUS he travelled around America with Alex. For getting his 1st client

Efosa signs 2 clients in 2 days ($1,600)

I was nervous about this one. Efosa was the first person to send me money without ever speaking to me on the phone. I knew I needed to show up and have my stuff together. I did cold calls with him, and we signed two deals within 2 days of working together!!

Preston closing $3,000 online in 1 month

The last thing he sent me before he paid for the coaching was, "Well, if this is a scam, we're about to find out.". Sure enough, 18 days later, Preston closed an $850 deal; following this, he proceeds to collect $3,000 online.

David Robayo: Signs 3 Clients, and makes $800 in 2 months

David's first language isn't even English, and when I met him, his PARENTS also had a lot of skepticism about what was going on. I completely understood, assured him, and within 2 weeks, David collected his first $300. He was onboarded into my agency as the lead designer and made another $500.

Gabe collects $300 for his 1st client

Gabe was one of the first students to join The First Client, and he immediately knew that this would be a long journey. I got on a Zoom to do some role play and he told me he'd gotten his first client for $300, I started recording and asked for proof

High Schooler builds agency while in Class

When I moved to Florida, I didn't have a lot of people to talk and network with, but then I met Jay, We talked at the gym for a bit, and I heard he was also getting scammed by Iman Gadzhi, and so it began. Today, you learn how he managed to grow his agency while in highschool.

Here's the Craziest Part...

These are 18-25 year olds just like you who changed their lives forever.

All because they learned this forgotten business model

This means there is a massive opportunity for those who choose to learn it FAST.

So the question becomes:

How do you become a master at building website funnels…

Without having to read 42 books?

Without having to spend $20,000 on failed businesses and courses?

And without wasting a full year of your time?

Don’t worry... 

That’s why I took everything I’ve learned about this business.

To create something simple, yet extremely powerful.

This is the opportunity you have been waiting for.


The First Client Starter Kit

What's Included:


  • Entire Business: When you follow STEP by STEP, you WILL get your 1st client in 30 Days!

  • What to sell: I'll tell you EXACTLY what to sell to get your first client in less than 30 days

  • How much to charge: Don't worry about stressing over pricing; it's all there

  • How to sell it: I show you the BEST ways to acquire clients and HOW to do it step by step

  • How to get appointments: You can look at all my text convos, and trainings on how to set appointments (included)

  • How to close appointments: I cover ALL the sales objections you'll face and the best ways to overcome them

  • How to onboard: After you collect the check, I show you the best way to onboard

  • How to fulfill: What do you do once they pay you?! Don't stress; I'll show you exactly how to get results for your clients

  • How to get Testimonials: Once you get your First client, I'll show you how to convert them into a testimonial or case study

  • FREE Resources:

    • SMMA Secrets E-Book

    • Podcasting Secrets E-Book

    • The BEST Softwares

    • Self-Help Books/Audios

    • Daily Routine

    • Email Templates

    • PRIVATE (Facebook Group)

    • LIVE Sales Recordings

    • CLOSED Deals

    • Copy/Paste Presentation

    • VIP Webinar

    • NEW Agency Ideas

    • 10M views (HOW TO)


But this is ALL yours for $27


If you’re still reading, you’re probably looking for me to drop the price a little more.

But I am not going to do that here.

What you don’t understand yet is that the second you put your money on the line…

It forces you to perform.

So regardless of how you feel at this moment, 

You only have 2 choices:

You can take the leap of faith, become so delusional that the only option is to succeed, and do not stop until you do.


You can exit this page right now, leave this opportunity behind, and live the rest of your life knowing you chose to stay in the same spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alex Davis again?

Alex Davis is a 20-year-old entrepreneur who has scaled his first online business to $40,000 in cash collected in less than 6 months. He has a podcast that has been hosted by Brad Lea, Joel Kaplan, Alex Hormozi's CEO, Gary Cardone, and more.

He has published 4 books to date (on Amazon) and now spends his time travelling the world, coaching his students and re-building the toxic world of (make money fast, and get rich quick schemes) by making business knowledge, cheap, realistic and accessable to everyone.

What EXACTLY is included?

We are giving you a PDF document with the STEP by STEP instructions on a business model that has made Alex + his students $50,000+ in the last 6 months.

You don't need any previous experience or skills. If you are still in school this is EVEN better. Just spend the $30, follow EACH step, and it's impossible for you to fail.

But I'm still in High School?

So are most of Alex's high paid students. This isn't a get rich quick scheme, and like everything it takes time. The fact that you're engaged in school, learning business skills allows you to implement this stuff right away. You can go to class, come home and begin implementing what is in the PDF.

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FAQ image

Who created this 'Business Model'?

Alex spent 40+ hours documenting EVERYTHING he's ever used to get to where he is in business, BUT!

When you look through the PDF, you'll begin to realize that this opportunity has been under your nose all along, and you just haven't thought about business this way.

If you're an agency owner, this is the best entry level business to start generating some cash in less than 30 days

Where will I receive the PDF?

Alex will instantly send an email within 30 seconds of ordering and it will include a google doc link for you to access and there will also be a link on the page after your order is complete to save the link as well if you want even faster access.

Is there a cost to this?

$27 - if you don't want to pay $27 for this massive value, I really have no solution for you.... it's less than a dinner date.... a year's worth of Amazon Prime, or even something at the dollar store nowadays.

Is there any kind of guarantee?

Yes, 1 paid client in 30 days, or you get your $27 refunded free 1 on 1 coaching until you sign your first client for wasting your time. To get access to the refund and 1 on 1 coaching, please email a video to [email protected] of you successfully completing each step in this blueprint. There is an extended explanation in the terms and conditions below. You just show proof that you used the business model STEP-STEP, and you didn't get a return.

It sounds too good to be true.

You're funny; this is actually one of the hardest things you'll ever do... There are a lot of steps and learning curves. There is no magical business that prints you money. I would know I've spent every waking hour for the last 3 straight years studying and learning about this.

This product won't make you rich; it won't get you to $10K/mo or buy the Lambo you dream of; this is just your 1st step to generating an income separate from your employer at (job).

This is a guaranteed way to get your first start in the business world. Grab it, Use it and Enjoy your hard work.

But I've been scammed before!?

I've lost over $15,000 to scammers in various situations, and the only thing I can say that has helped me push through the B.S. is this.

Don't let your mistake burn you twice. The first time you got burned, and the second time when it would prevent you from changing your life.

This isn't expensive, and it won't make you rich. It'll get you a couple hundred dollars, and skills that you can carry on for the rest of your life. If you believe acquiring a new skill + a business (done for you) is worth the $30. This is BUILT for you.

Do I need a business? I don't have one

No. The entire purpose of this is to build you a business from ZERO, and to get you your First paid client within 30 days. That is it. It's simple and straight forward.

How do I get started?

Click the red button.

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